The Story Behind 1

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The Story Behind...1

Rivington Hall Barn Summer Wedding, Bolton, Lancashire

Nick English Photography - Preston & Lancashire Wedding Photographer


This image, taken during one of the warmest days of the 2015 Summer at Rivington Hall Barn, is a great example of an image I particularly like from the day.

Chris and Nicola were married at the nearby church, and then held their reception at Rivington Hall Barn. I remember in the morning, the various different weather apps I use all forecast different weather, so when we arrived at the barn at around 2pm in bright sunshine and close to 30c temps, Nicola and Chris couldn't have been happier.

All the guests spent the whole afternoon (and evening!) outside on the new terrace, a vintage ice cream stand served out ice cream continuously to the wedding guests, there was a constant stream of complimentary Bucks Fizz and Peroni delivered by the waiters. The atmosphere was fantastic with everyone enjoying the day. Rivington Hall Barn is famous for its resident peacock who couldn't resist having a look at what all the noise was, and he is featured, along with the ice cream, in the above photograph.

Nicola and Chris had a fantastic wedding day, but one of the stand out memories for me from that day was the weather, the vintage ice cream (although I never got one!), the peacock and the laughter and smiles from everyone who attended their wedding - this photograph captures all of that for me. 

While this photograph may not be considered a "wedding photograph" by many, as it lacks the Bride and Groom and nobody is looking at the camera, this to me is exactly how I remember their day. Looking at this one photograph instantly reminds me of the warm sunshine beating down over the terrace all day, the noise of the guests laughing and joking, the music coming from inside the barn, the vintage ice cream stand, of course the peacock, the fabulous grounds just adjacent to the terrace and later on, an amazing sunset.

This one photograph successfully manages to make me remember all of that, and that to me, makes this photograph one of my favourite images.

Technical Details:
Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 24mm f1.4 L Lens @ f1.8
ISO 100
1/6400th sec


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