The Story Behind....3

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The Story Behind....3

Wedding Photograph from The Villa, Wrea Green, Preston Lancashire
By Nick English Photography

Bride laughing with grandfather, Nick English Photography, Preston Wedding Photographer, Lancashire Wedding Photographer, The Villa Wrea Green, The Villa Wedding Photography, The Villa Wrea Green WeddingBride laughing with grandfather after wedding ceremony in Lytham, then at The Villa, Wrea Green, LancashireBride laughing with grandfather after wedding ceremony in Lytham, then at The Villa, Wrea Green, Lancashire. This photograph was captured on the spur of the moment during a joke between the two

I remember the feeling I got when I took this photo, I instantly knew Jo would love it, and I felt really pleased that I had been able to show someone's true personality and their relationship in a "posed" photograph. The joke between the two was over in a split second, and if I had missed it, the photograph would have resulted in a typical "smile at the camera" kind of photo - which in my opinion would have not shown what a great relationship Jo and her Grandfather have!

After Jo & Eddie's wedding ceremony, Joanna had asked me if I could take a photograph of her and her Grandfather as he may not be coming to the afternoon reception and would have to go home straight from Church for health reasons.
I had a location in mind for the photograph, away from all the other guests, that would allow Jo and her grandfather some privacy, and that would be a better setting for the photo than the other direction which was a main road.

As we were walking, I noticed they had a fantastic rapport with each other and were laughing at something together. Knowing that a posed - "stand and smile at the camera" type of photograph isnt my style, and wouldn't reflect either of their true personalities, I quickly turned around and adjusted my camera settings to what was in all honesty an educated guess, and fired off this photo before they had realised I was taking their photograph. Obviously, both of them were caught off-guard, we were simply walking to a location for a "posed - formal" photograph. However, this photograph to me is 100000x  better than a "stand and smile" type photograph, and I know from handing over Jo & Eddie's wedding album, that Jo also loves this photograph and it occupies a large space on one her wedding album pages.

I learned something that day, which I keep at the front of my mind now as I continue forwards with every wedding I photograph - to always be ready to shoot. Even simply walking across a piece of grass towards a location for a posed photograph, this above photo would have never existed if I hadn't been aware of exactly what was going on around me and been ready to not just take a snapshot of it, but to get a perfectly exposed and focused photograph - all in a split second from seeing it occur. Keeping your camera on ALL the time, constantly adjusting settings to the correct values and knowing exactly where your focus points are presently set to were key elements to making this image successful, as any one of those being incorrect or off, would have resulted in no photograph.

Technical details:
Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 50mm f1.2 L USM lens
ISO 250

The Villa Wrea Green Wedding Photography



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