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The Story Behind...2

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The Story Behind...2


This image from summer 2015 is definitely one which takes me back, and that to me makes it a successful wedding photograph. 

Taken during the evening celebrations of Charlotte and Neil's wedding at the gorgeous Stanley House near Preston Lancashire. 
Charlotte and Neil are both from Preston originally, but now live in London. While on a night out in London they heard a guitarist playing solo in a pub. Amazed by his performance, they got his details and asked if he would be willing to perform at their wedding, some 250 miles "up North" in a few months time. His style is classic Ibiza dance music played on an accoustic guitar, but sampled and multi-tracked to sound like there are several musicians or different instruments playing.

I had no idea about this, so as their evening reception started, Stanley House invited all guests to go outside onto the rear terrace area for cocktail hour drinks. Upon heading that direction I heard some fantastic guitar playing coming from outside. I then continued to photograph around 2 hours of outdoor reception, all the while Salvatore played his guitar as the sun slowly set over Preston in the background. It really was an amazing evening, and I am so grateful to Charlotte and Neil for inviting me to be a part of their wedding.

This photograph alone makes me remember that amazing evening, and everything about it. The warm sun, slowly descending into sunset behind Stanley House, the music of course - absolutely amazing, the chatter and conversation between guests - I particularly remember a conversation I had with one of Neil's ushers about how good the music was, and that it reminded him of being in a beach bar in Ibiza watching the sun go down. The look on the evening guests faces as they arrived - what an amazing feeling that must have been to arrive as the sun was low in the sky, drinks were flowing, amazing live outdoor music was playing and all your friends were greeting you. 

Compositionally, the photograph works, with the warmth of the setting sun reflecting off the stone building, Salvatore visible sat down playing his guitar, the guests enjoying themselves outside and a nice blue sky above finishes the photo off.

Again, probably not a traditional wedding photograph, but this photograph totally takes me back to the moment and makes me remember the wedding as it really was, much more than a posed photograph would.

Technical Details:
Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 24mm f1.4 @ f2.8
1/250th sec
ISO 200



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