Nick English Photography | Claire & Adam Wedding Photos at The Villa, Wrea Green, Preston, Lancashire

Claire & Adam Wedding Photographs at The Villa, Wrea Green

8th August 2015 at The Villa, Wrea Green, Preston, Lancashire

By Nick English Photography


Claire & Adam were married at my most local wedding venue (which also happens to be one of my favourites!) The Villa at Wrea Green. Claire & Adam booked me almost a year ago to the date, and I had been looking forward to it ever since, because simply put, neither of them ever stop smiling! This makes my job very easy, and they look absolutely great together.

Their wedding day was mainly spent outdoors due to the fact it was about 25c all day! Myself and the wasps were buzzing around the wedding guests all day long, and I think its safe to say from the photos, that everyone had a really great day! 

Later on in the evening, Darren Robinson magician kept the guests entertained with his amazing tricks and banter, some of the reactions are priceless for example when he turned a £20 note into a £50 note and back again, all in slow-motion which blew everyone's mind, including mine!

Here are some photos from their fantastic wedding day: