Nick English Photography | Elaine & Gavin Wedding Photographs at Eaves Hall, Clitheroe, Lancashire

Elaine & Gavin Wedding Photographs at Eaves Hall

20th August 2015 at Eaves Hall, Clitheroe, Lancashire

By Nick English Photography


Wow is all I can say, what an absolutely superb day!
Eaves Hall was Elaine & Gavin's playground for the day, and it continued to amaze me at what a spectacular venue it really is! 
As I made my way down the A59, BBC Weather and Metoffice apps on my smartphone promised of sunshine, but with my wipers on full speed and struggling to see because of the spray from the car in-front, that wasn't looking likely! However, as I drove down the driveway of Eaves Hall, the sun popped its head out, and it didn't go back in ALL day, with some guests still outside having beers on the lawn as I left around 10pm, and others playing a sort of hybrid football/croquet game I'm pretty sure they had invented themselves! (I cant see it catching on unfortunately!)

Their day was nothing short of perfect, and I genuinely enjoyed every minute of the 13 hours I spent at it! By the end of it I felt like I knew half of their guests on first name terms everyone was so friendly and cheerful all day!

Here's some photos from their day:

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