Nick English Photography | Frequently Asked Questions
  • Our wedding is 2 years away, is it too early to book?

No, I generally take bookings 18-24 months in advance, and have been known to hold dates upto 3 years in advance. Once the booking is confirmed that's all you have to worry about, I will be in touch a couple of weeks before your wedding to catch up and go over the fine details

  • Shireburn Arms Wedding Photography by Nick English Photography Preston Wedding PhotographerShireburn Arms Wedding Photography by Nick English Photography Preston Wedding PhotographerShireburn Arms Wedding Photography by Nick English Photography Preston Wedding Photographer

    My Mum and Dad want some traditional group photos, do you do those too?

Yes, of course! Although I prefer to not interfere with the days events I appreciate that some group photos are nice to have. I suggest no more than 5-8 groups, as this can take a lot of time to organise and can leave you standing around waiting for guests etc.

  • We're both quite shy and don't really like our photo being taken

I know your pain - trust me! My approach is very heavily focused on capturing natural moments and a lot of the time you wont know I'm even there. I want you to have a fantastic day with friends, family and each other and not worry about the photos. Most people prefer photos of themselves when they don't know they are being taken and are acting naturally: not posing for the camera. I will get some relaxed pictures of you two together, away from everyone else, but this will take 10-15 minutes max and I will try to make it as relaxed and fun as possible - no awkward poses!

  • Have you photographed at our venue before?

I regularly shoot at venues and locations I have never been to before, and actually look forward to it. Pre-scripting photos isn't my style, and I enjoy the variety a new location and venue offers. Each wedding is different and unique, and my approach is to be totally reactive to your wedding day, not about me setting up photos that have been done countless times before. Whether your venue is a candle-lit castle with dark wooden walls, a brightly lit conservatory room with stunning views, an intimate barn wedding or an outdoor summer wedding, I am used to adapting to different venues and conditions - this is something I do constantly, at every wedding I photograph.

  • How long till we get our photos?

I play a slideshow at your actual wedding of around 40 pictures from your day so far. After that, I aim to have a storyboard live on my website with around 100 photos for you to see within a week. The full set of photos will be ready within 5-6 weeks. 

  • Do you back up your pictures?

Yes, constantly. All 3 of my cameras have 2 memory cards (1 is backup). During your wedding meal I will be backing up to my laptop. Back at HQ I then further back-up to another 3 hard drives, and not once will those cameras leave my side until those pictures are safely backed up.

Beeston Manor Wedding Photos - Nick English PhotographyBeeston Manor Wedding Photos - Nick English PhotographyBeeston Manor Wedding Photos - Nick English Photography

  • Do you Photoshop much?

Very very rarely. Infact, until recently I didn't even own Photoshop. I will adjust brightness, colours and crop pictures accordingly. Most of what you see on my website galleries is as close to "straight from camera" as possible. I want my pictures to look great in years to come.

  • Our Wedding isn't in Lancashire, do you travel?

Yes! I have photographed weddings all over the UK and travel anywhere. If an overnight stay is required I am happy to stay in a nearby Premier Inn. Preston is only quite a small town so I'm usually more than happy to travel around!

  • What Camera(s) do you use?

I shoot with Canon 5D Mark III's and Canon 1Ds cameras for the majority of the day. During the evening I may use a Fuji X100T which is a lot smaller and helps me blend in more and not be noticed, also it is completely silent - which suits my style a lot. I only use very bright professional lenses which means I don't use a lot of flash. I use: 24mm f1.4, 35mm f1.4, 50mm f1.2, 85mm f1.2, 100mm f2, 135mm f2.0, but will sometimes use flash where required.

  • How many pictures do we get?

A very difficult question to answer. I am currently averaging above 600 photos per wedding. 

  • How do we book you?

Easy! First please get in touch with me using the form on the Contact Me page. I will then give you a call or email and we can have a chat about your wedding over the phone. I will tell you more about my photography approach, and ask for more information and details about your wedding. I have a very simple 2 page booking form which I can send out to you to book me, it's as simple as that. I require a 20% deposit along with the returned booking form to secure the booking and date. I also have a wide range of wedding albums and a full portfolio I can demonstrate.
A lot of my bookings are from the internet, so I try to add as much information to my website as possible so you know lots about me, and my photography - please feel free to have a good look around at my different galleries, information links and blog.

  • Bartle Hall Wedding Photographs - Nick English PhotographyBartle Hall Wedding Photographs - Nick English PhotographyBartle Hall Wedding Photographs - Nick English Photography

    Do you have a 2nd photographer?

Probably a bit of a control freak, I prefer working alone because I know my own photographic style - which is what you see all over my website. If I let someone else take photos for me I wouldn't be able to guarantee the same result. If photography is art, giving the paintbrush to another person would result in a totally different painting.
If you would like photos of the bridal prep and groom prep in the morning, speak to me about it, you may be surprised what is possible and has been done on many occasions before

  • We are having a videographer - will this affect you?

Yes and no. It isn't uncommon these days to have a both videographer and photographer, both trying to get footage of the same thing. 99% of the time this isn't a problem and being professionals we work alongside each other, not against each other. 
The only downside could be that while I will always try to ensure the videographers themselves aren't in-photo, it isn't always possible (likewise for the video footage - expect to see me running around in it!).
This has never yet been an issue and I continue to work alongside them at a lot of weddings.


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