Nick English Photography | Laura and Tom Wedding Photographs at Eaves Hall, Clitheroe, Lancashire

Laura and Tom Wedding Photographs at Eaves Hall, Clitheroe, Lancashire

Eaves Hall Wedding, West Bradford, Clitheroe, Lancashire

9th April 2016 by Nick English Photography - Wedding Photographer Lancashire


What a wedding!

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Laura & Tom were married on 9th April 2016 on what every single weather report I checked, was going to be a very rainy, cold and windy day. What happened in reality was possibly the best weather conditions I could have ever asked for, allowing me photographs to be taken in full sun, rain, and later an hour long snow storm!

Laura got ready at her Mum and Dad’s house in Farington Moss, in a little lane overlooking the Church where she would later be getting married!

I bet when Laura woke up that morning she didn’t expect to be travelling with the soft-top down on her 1930’s convertible Rolls Royce Phantom wedding car to Eaves Hall!!

After a lovely church service, where the church bells rung and the choir sang (something Laura secretly wanted, and Tom had arranged without her knowing) Laura and Tom hopped into their car, glass of champagne in hand, and headed towards Eaves Hall in Clitheroe.

To arrive before them, but also get photographs of them driving away, was quite difficult, but with some s̶p̶e̶e̶d̶y̶  skilful driving, I made it to Eaves Hall before them! Capturing these two stunning 1930’s Rolls Royce’s infront of Eaves Hall was an image I really wanted to get.

Guests enjoyed drinks and canapes around Eaves Hall, while the guitarist Ian Bailey played in the background, creating a superb atmosphere.

As the day went on, the ushers were in charge of a Grand National 2016 sweepstake! Taking bets (I even had a dabble but I don’t think my horse even ran!) off everyone, knowing that the Eaves Hall staff had arranged to show the race on a big screen projector in the wedding breakfast room inbetween main course and dessert!

This was a great photographic opportunity, even more so when Tom, the groom only ended up winning on his bet!! (and apparently it wasn’t a setup……)

Almost immediately as the race finished, snow began falling outside and continued to do for over an hour! This was a first for me! Although the snow didn’t stick, I was able to get photos of Laura and Tom cooling down outside with snow falling around them.

Towards the end of the night the snow had melted into large puddles, offering me a fantastic photo opportunity in the Eaves Hall car park! This was one of my favourite photos of the day, who would have thought a puddle in a car park could result in such a gorgeous photograph!


Wedding Suppliers List

Wedding Dress by Lulu Browns

Bridesmaids dresses by Amelia’s Bridal

Menswear and Suits by Amelia’s Bridal

Wedding Cars by Malvern Cars

Creative Cover Hire interior decorations

Flower Design for the stunning floral work throughout Eaves Hall, the Church and the stunning bouquets!

Casino Hire by Pier Fun Casinos


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