Nick English Photography | Lucy and Christan Wedding Photographs at Farington Lodge Preston Lancashire

Lucy & Christan Wedding Photographs Farington Lodge

27th July 2016 Farington Lodge, Preston, Lancashire

By Nick English Photography - Lancashire & Cheshire Wedding Photographer

I photographed the wedding of Lucy and Christan at Farington Lodge, Leyland on the outskirts of Preston on a very sunny and warm day!

Lucy had been a bridesmaid at Claire and Adam's wedding, which I photographed last year at The Villa in Wrea Green. Soon after, Christan took Lucy away for a long weekend in Rome where he proposed to her by the Green Door of the Aventine Keyhole - a famous location in Rome offering stunning views of St Peter's dome and the city skyline through a small keyhole opening in a doorway. Lucy got in touch and booked me to photograph her wedding soon after!

Infact, Lucy was very helpful when I also visited Rome for a short break this summer, giving me lots of advice where to go, and also directed me to the spot where Christan actually proposed to her!

I spent the morning with Lucy and her Bridesmaids getting ready upstairs in Farington Lodge where there was a nervous atmosphere - Lucy in particular excited about the day ahead. There wasn't a dry eye in the room when a wedding gift was delivered from Christan, a book he had made documenting their entire relationship together from their first date, with photographs and mementos from each date they had been on since, and a spare chapter at the back of the book where Lucy could continue with the book now once they were married - such a lovely present!

Their wedding day was full of laughter and smiles, I personally love the look and smile on Lucy's face as she made her way down the aisle and saw Christan waiting for her at the top of the aisle, looking a little nervous! The rest of the day was spent outside Farington Lodge where guests enjoyed lawn games, drinks and canapes on the gorgeous grounds.

We were lucky to get an amazing sunset, and I don't think Lucy or Christan minded me pulling them off the dancefloor for the final image on this storyboard of them enjoying a moment outside, while all the guests continued to dance away just a few metres away indoors!

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