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Further Afield Wedding Photography & Destination Wedding Photography

I love to travel!

By Nick English Photography


Although I am based in sunny Lancashire, I am available to photograph weddings all over the UK, and abroad! I love working at new and different venues, and in my free time my favourite thing to do is travel, so photographing weddings outside of Lancashire / Cheshire area isn't a problem for me!

Please get in touch with me to discuss your wedding even if it isn't anywhere near me, or even in this country!



Q) We are thinking of getting married abroad, but we aren't sure where yet or how it all works etc, would you be available to photograph our wedding if it was abroad, just so we know whether we can include you in our plans?

A) Yes, absolutely! All I ask is that you let me know with as much advance notice as possible to be sure I can secure the dates required. Just remember that I would need at least a day each side of your wedding date to get there and travel etc.

Q) Do you charge extra for destination weddings? 

A) No. All I ask is that my air tickets and 2 nights stay are paid for (the night before your wedding, and the night of your wedding) - everything else remains exactly the same, no extra prices or any less coverage!

Q) We were a guest at a wedding where you were the photographer, we really liked your pictures and your approach, but our wedding is down south, would that be outside of your area?

A) I cover weddings all over the UK :) I only put my base as Lancashire as that is where I am from, but I love working outside of my home area! As with destination weddings, all I would need to confirm is that I can secure a day either side of your wedding to allow for travel time (if it is over 100 miles away). I ask for 2 nights accommodation (the night before your wedding, and the night of your wedding).